Meticulously Obscure

Day 1 – Departing

Protip: Don’t drive 100ish miles after around 2 hours of sleep. It’s not fun in the slightest.

Well, isn’t this exciting/scary. Currently sat on the eurotunnel train waiting to leave, very glad of the (albeit shite) 3G connection, but very annoyed that my home machine seems to have changed its IP. Way to go, technology.

Anyway. Breakfast has been had and stupid light filters applied to headlights and stupid magnetic GB sticker applied to boot and it’s officially ‘a go’.

First task is get to Paris and locate a hotel, as I couldn’t be bothered last night and didn’t have time. Also sorry H for lack of dropping-off-GTA action but, priorities, man!

Steve • 18th June 2008

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