Meticulously Obscure


  1. Sven 2nd July 2008 - 20:09

    How the fuck did you manage to spend 3.5k?

  2. Sven 2nd July 2008 - 20:10

    £233 per day? £100 on hotel, that’s £133….£33 on food is rich, so what on earth are you blowing a hundred big ones on?

  3. Sven 2nd July 2008 - 20:11

    Oh wait, let me guess, you purchased two t-shirts? 😛

  4. Steve 2nd July 2008 - 20:13

    Hahaha! (Yeah I did actually at the Boss store in Milan, however they were not stupidly priced (well…)) I think petrol was the prime expense

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