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Or, how to break your legs for as little as £57.50 per leg!

They are actually extraordinarily good fun, and bloody hard work. This is mostly footage from the first evening out, hopefully a better video featuring more running and such, from the second evening out, will appear soon, if Steve can be bothered.

Powerbocking, not to be confused with Superbocking:

Approximately the best named beer ever

Approximately the best named beer ever

Steve • 25th July 2008

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  1. Sven 25th July 2008 - 21:12


  2. Mr Jerky 26th July 2008 - 0:05

    It is about time someone invented pogo-stilts. Next, I propose someone invent suction-cups that allow people to stick to walls and ceilings.

    PS: I totally want to drink some of this “Super Bock”.

  3. Mr Jerky 26th July 2008 - 18:36

    Update your shit.

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