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How Funky Is This

Also, how sad is it that I think it’s funky: New archive overview page which displays a hella snazzy listing of all posts ordered by date and grouped by month, with (if you’re using a non-shit browser like firefox 3) clever little javascript rolldowns too. See: funky.

It’s even somehow managed to grab images to posts that didn’t even have an image in them, such as the one about Cake Flushing with Nick Frost which only contains links to a few jewtube pages, impressive indeed!


One suddenly realises that posting about one’s blog, within one’s blog, may constitute hitting a new low. Alas.

Steve • 16th August 2008

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  1. Mr. Jerky 16th August 2008 - 18:58

    Yeah. And the archive overview link doesn’t even go anywhere. Sort it ‘aaat!

  2. Steve 16th August 2008 - 20:22

    Ugh. It was unpublished but still showed up due to me being logged in, it seems. Wanted to hide it from the top nav. Fixed!

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