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Cat Apocalypse – New Evidence

You may (or more likely, may not) be aware that for a long time now Cats have been planning to overthrow us Humans and take over the World. It’s readily apparent from their general disregard of us that they assume themselves to be superior, only coming to say ‘o hi’ when they want something to eat, or some attention, just to drive home the point that they don’t need us.

It’s also widely suspected that LOLCats are just a ruse crafted by Cats to trick us into thinking there’s nothing wrong, that they are just dumb fucks ripe for taking the piss out of via amusing words, but this is just us being lulled into a false sense of security. Do not be amused by LOLCats they are very, very serious business.

Now, new evidence has come to light that they have been honing their skills in the open in preparation for the coming War. This bravado and willingness to show us that they are on the verge of striking is deeply worrying. This foreboding footage of a Ninja Cat was captured recently in some guy’s house:

Be on your guard.

Steve • 9th October 2008

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