Meticulously Obscure


  1. Mr. Jerky 18th October 2008 - 11:33

    Benneth is updating his shit?!

  2. Steve 19th October 2008 - 14:07

    Sho nuff! Two different shits to update now

  3. Mr. Jerky 19th October 2008 - 17:30

    His old Eyes blog from 2006 seems to have been destroyed. This was my favourite post from that era:

  4. Steve 19th October 2008 - 17:31

    Haha rapecutlery, excellent

  5. Benneth 20th October 2008 - 22:32

    That Benneth guy is pretty talented!

  6. Benneth 20th October 2008 - 22:35

    PS: I deleted all the old posts off of Eyes because I had all the pictures hosted on some loser website, which recently died. Instead of re-uploading all the bastards I decided to just delete everything and use it as an opportunity to find new and exciting shit to blu-tack stupid eyes onto. The net result: profit!

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