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Get Festive Motherfuckers!

If you hadn’t noticed, it’s christmas*, so get your festive on right now or there’ll be trouble. As you probably haven’t noticed, this very blogotron has a new christmasy (christmassy?) title up there: look at it.

So: get with the program!

Be a commentard and tell me what you’ve done to get into the spirit. Jerky that means you too. Actually as you’re the only one that’ll read this it’s pretty much exclusively targetted at you.

*ok, December. Same difference, blingwad!

Steve • 5th December 2008

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  1. Mr. Jerky 6th December 2008 - 13:41

    I’ve been going around raping people while dressed as Santa Claus.

  2. Sven 8th December 2008 - 9:53

    My house looks like Las Vegas without the fun bits/seedy bits, does that count?

  3. Nathan 17th December 2008 - 18:15

    I got jesus a christmas card

  4. Mr. Jerky 18th December 2008 - 19:09

    You need to get him a birthday card as well, cheapskate.

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