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Spider For Sale – $233.95

What a lovely disabled spider

By now this is officially classed as old news, what with having happened almost 2 months ago, so on the downside it demonstrates my continued laziness (as I’ve known about it for most of those 2 months), but on the upside means more news of the background to the story has appeared. Hurrah! Maybe.

So. A guy owed some company $233.95 and decided to offer them a drawing of a spider as payment. The resulting email exchange is pretty hilarious, and news of this quickly spread around the wider internets regions, what with it being hilarious, and that.

Shortly after becoming widely known, someone else puts an auction up on eBay for the ‘original’ spider.gif, which goes on to ‘sell’ for $15,000. The transaction never took place of course, causing eBay to get all prissy and say that the seller is being defrauded. Oh eBay, will you ever learn?!

The guy who started it all, the eBay seller and eBay buyer have all been in touch and agreed on the hilarity of it all. Excellently, the spider artist has stated he’s a bit of a prankster, and views the internets as a playground, a view I fully endorse.


Steve • 14th December 2008

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