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A Trigger Happy Movie?!

So this morning I woke, jumped straight to the PC (priorities, right?), and found Twitter thrusting the following into my oculars:


Which obviously made me go a bit “OMG WAT!” as Trigger Happy was surely one of the greatest shows of its time. Many fond memories of such hilarious moments of genius as men in dog costumes having fights in public, pensioners pushing an adult-boy-scout into a fountain, fake interviews with waning celebrities resulting in (typically) Dom Joly running off, and of course the superb soundtrack.

A few things have been inspired by it, most notably Fonejacker I guess, but that doesn’t even know what day it is compared to how ace Trigger Happy was.

A film, then! Seems there was a press release back in June where he gave away a few details; The only real one being that it’s going to be filmed in America, due to him being too well known over here. Will Americans get it? Hidden camera shows are nothing new over there of course, but Trigger Happy is subtley different, as the ‘victim’ is often not (at least, shown to be) let in on the secret.

Well, it’ll be interesting to see if it works. And how well it works at standard movie duration of say, an hour and a half.

Terribly exciting, what what what?!?!

Steve • 8th July 2009

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