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Microsoft Have Done A Wonderful Thing*

Richard FeynmanThey have made available, via some new fangled thing called Project Tuva, a series of lectures given by Richard Feynman at Cornell University in 1964.

Entitled The Character of Physical Law, the 7 lecture series was given for Cornell’s Messenger Lectures, an annual event where a suitably grand guest speaker lectures on a suitably grandiose subject.

As the title implies, the theme of Feynman’s lectures was rather broad, with him giving an overview of many key physical principles, how they were arrived at, and what they mean in real terms.

I don’t think any summary or further description would serve any real purpose, but suffice it to say, if you’re into (or even vaguely curious about) physics and how we understand the world around us, there are few better people to explain it.

Oh and you’ll need Silverlight, annoyingly, but if ever there was a reason to install it, this would be it.

*Well, they did a wonderful thing back in July, but I’ve been busy, K? K.

Steve • 20th October 2009

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