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Digitiser: A Lewd Old Tribute

So, apparently, The Teletext is being turned off for good sometime in the very very near future, and it’s been having a bit of a cry about how good the old days were. This is a pretty worthwhile exercise as the old days were amazing and very worth crying over. Or at least, the Digitiser parts of them were.

Sadly I don’t seem to have any TV signal aside from my virgin media cable, and that doesn’t carry The Teletext, because it is this thing: shit.

The Internet’s Mrakulon Funtacular to the rescue! He did take these:

Thanks, @mrakuss, love.

Steve • 6th December 2009

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  1. Matt 7th December 2009 - 11:52

    Not that I read it as often as you did but memories!

  2. Mike 7th December 2009 - 22:23

    respect to the hammer-wielding tramps

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