Meticulously Obscure

Day 3 – What Did Homer J Mistakenly Call A Pig?

Boar- D’oh! I should get out more. Talking of which, I’ve just got back in from being out more, and it wasn’t entirely successful. The first restaurant I tried didn’t open ’til 8 (which is mad for a start (hoho that works on so many levels)) and then I got scared that I’d lose the…

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Day 3 – I’m Bored… Oh!

Do you see? Bordeaux/bored-oh?! Damn I’m good. Just a quick update, as I’ve just arrived at l’hotel and my word, I was expecting a fairly fly room but this is really smart. See here: some photos of: it: Like something straight out of an ikea showroom The more astute amongst you will notice a vaguely…

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Day 2 – Causes Of Amusement – A Pictorial

It seems The French are even more in love with The Fresh Prince than Anonymous 10p if you can spot why this amused me enough to take a photo (which doesn’t take much) Hahaha dirty old fucker This man’s name is Jean Pierre (probably). As I was taking photos of some shit in a tunnel…

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Day 2 – Un Deux Trois

Protip – An easy way to amuse/confuse French wimmins in hotels is to not be able to say large numbers in French, such as one hundred and twenty three, and resorting to listing the numbers one by one. I’m talking room numbers, here, and room 123 being refered to as ‘un deux trois’ has caused…

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Day 2 – NWA Had The Right Idea

As in, “Fuck, fuck, fuck the po-lice”. 88 in a 50, sir? On the spot 90 euro fine and probably points to boot, although, the swines did comment on how nice my car was, and I ingeniously utilised babelfish via the laptop and 3G to get over the fact that neither me nor the gen…

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Day 1 – Thank Fuck It’s Over

Protip – as much as ‘winging it’ with regards to hotels on road trips sounds awesome and somewhat cavalier, it’s actually pretty retarded! Parlez vous the rest of this post? It started out well enough with a nice drive to Paris, same considerate (with reckless undertones) and slow driving from everyone as before, until suddenly…

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Day 1 – Never Drive In Paris

Or you will die. More on this when I’m not stuck in traffic.

Day 1 – Arrival

3G dans les Francais! First bit of French reeled off with great success, and just met an RS4, E92 M3 and M6 Cabrio headed off for the ‘ring. Plus de superb!

Day 1 – Departing

Protip: Don’t drive 100ish miles after around 2 hours of sleep. It’s not fun in the slightest. Well, isn’t this exciting/scary. Currently sat on the eurotunnel train waiting to leave, very glad of the (albeit shite) 3G connection, but very annoyed that my home machine seems to have changed its IP. Way to go, technology….

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Day 0 – Pack King

I’m going to have to reduce this lot a little…

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