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I’ll Kill Your Fucking Dog For Fun So Don’t Push Me

I know this is a year old, but so what. Also, all the versions on youtube with the actual video too have embedding disabled, those fucks.

What’s Wrong With Blasphemy?

Stewart Lee knows, and if you watch the 6 clips below, you can find out too. They’re worth watching through, for these reasons: Stewart Lee is amazingly hilarious They provide a nice rounded view of the subject matter, with good information See reason 1 but imagine it in bold AND italics AND underlined

Jeremy Clarkson talks about Peter Mandelson

So The Times published an article written by one Sir Mr Jeremy Clarkson Esq. concerning the corrupt madness surrounding Peter Mandelson. I heard reports that the paper had taken the article down, but, as of right now, they haven’t, so fuck knows what that’s about. Probably some dickheads just trying to make it all seem…

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Digitiser: A Lewd Old Tribute

So, apparently, The Teletext is being turned off for good sometime in the very very near future, and it’s been having a bit of a cry about how good the old days were. This is a pretty worthwhile exercise as the old days were amazing and very worth crying over. Or at least, the Digitiser…

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Greatest Human Ever

This is obviously just a universal constant, a straight up fact that can’t be argued (you only need watch such masterpieces as Kindergarten Cop and it becomes readily apparent), but today news broke of a thing that happened that made his awesomeness even more awesome. It’s been written about in many different places but the…

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Zombies Ahead! Highly Illegal! Do Not Copy!

For entirely educational and informational purposes I direct you hither.

Microsoft Have Done A Wonderful Thing*

They have made available, via some new fangled thing called Project Tuva, a series of lectures given by Richard Feynman at Cornell University in 1964. Entitled The Character of Physical Law, the 7 lecture series was given for Cornell’s Messenger Lectures, an annual event where a suitably grand guest speaker lectures on a suitably grandiose…

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You = Insignificant

No, that’s not an insult, it’s a literal truth, if we’re talking about The Grand Scheme Of Things. The below is possibly the easiest to grasp demonstration of just how Grand this Scheme* Thing is. *and no, that doesn’t imply a scheme created by an entity. It’s just a scheme**. **a ride, actually.

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