Meticulously Obscure

Proper Widescreen Telly – Astounding Advert

Due to this being one of the (visually) most amazing adverts you’ll ever see, I very much recommend ignoring the youtube video embedded below, and going here to watch the Ultra High Definition one in fullscreen mode. If you’re lazy though, just watch this: Isn’t that something? Hugely flipping impressive. It’s to mark Philips’ launch…

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A Trigger Happy Movie?!

So this morning I woke, jumped straight to the PC (priorities, right?), and found Twitter thrusting the following into my oculars: Which obviously made me go a bit “OMG WAT!” as Trigger Happy was surely one of the greatest shows of its time. Many fond memories of such hilarious moments of genius as men in…

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Beat Some Boxes Wit Yo Bad Self

Ahem. So, yeah, another pretty awesome stumbled-upon thing: a beatboxer called Beardyman. There’s a shit-ton of his stuff out there in tubesville, but this is a pretty good 8-part example. The other four parts are there, there, there and there. And here he is on a BBC talent show! Stick to the underground, holmes… clapping…

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Tim Minchin Makes Poetry Excellent

Poetry, not usually my strong point, was thrust into my ears today. The revelation: it can be quite amusing (when this guy does it, at any rate)! No visuals with the video sadly, but it’s definitely worth investing 9 minutes into.

Amen Break – A Small Documentary

A rather cool little (well, 18 minute) documentary on the history of a 6 second segment of music which has influenced/inspired much over the last 40 years.

What A Lovely Quay Bored

Holy crap, how cool does this thing look. Correct: very. It’s from Asus, makers of excellent motherboards and that EEE pc thing, as this guy explains.

Coolest Biker Accessory Ever

Guaranteed to cause pile-ups as people rubberneck to watch him drive by or your money back!


The Watchmen Trailers

Have started showing on TV and I haven’t even finished reading the original yet. FUUUUUCK! (I haven’t watched the above, because I’m a nerd)

He Herd U Liek Him

Notice anything odd about that image? Apart from that it’s of a weird blue thing with some hard to make out writing underneath it, I mean. No, idiot! It’s not actually an image! It’s full of stars (text)! This cool little tool will search google for whatever term you give it, find the first image…

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