Meticulously Obscure

2009 BMW Z4

Ok so my bro just hit me up with news of next year’s new Z4 model and, crikey, it’s more than a little bit tidy. First thoughts were ‘ah, only a subtle restyling, sleeker looking’ but on closer inspection it’s changed a fair bit. There’s clear influence from the current 6 series and even the…

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Hit A Jew Day

This is just too awesome to write about. Except: to clarify, I’m going to write about it. It amuses me so, not because anyone’s being persecuted or bullied, but the notion of someone actually pushing ‘Hit A Jew Day’ as a real event. It’s almost Simpsons or Futurama-esque in this regard.


The Eyes Have It

Adding a bit of eyes can make even mundane household objects awesome! Gotta look at ’em all!

America VS God: Fight Cancelled

In the middle of September last year, in an excellent turn of events, an American (and not just any old American, but a Nebraskan state senator of 38 years, one Ernie Chambers) decided to file a lawsuit against God, seeking an end to “fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes, pestilential plagues…” allegedly caused…

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A Star Is Born (Literally) – In 200MB Jpeg Glory

Actually possibly quite a few stars being born, and a few on their way out too. This is an image NASA released in April 2007, so I’m only a year and a half late on it. Created from data taken over a span of 4 years, it shows a region of space 50 light-years across,…

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Amazing Video Technology

This stuff is just incredible. These guys have managed to take static images and merge them with low grade video footage, using smoke, mirrors, and dark magics, to create a video stream as high quality as the static images they input. It’s pretty astonishing. The video of all this in action is right here, and…

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I Want To Live In Paris 4 Years Ago

I want to write something deep and insightful about this shit but I’m too tired. Maybe I’ll get round to it soon, because it really is ace. They also did this.

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