Meticulously Obscure

The Most Useless App Ever

OR – A Mildly Clever Little Bit Of Marketing Let’s say you’re an Android app developer, you’ve written a few little things, and you want to get some traffic to them. How would you go about it? Well, if your name’s Chris Economou you do it by creating an app with an interesting name, leave…

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This Is How Fast Google Is Now

So I knew Google had rolled out some pretty impressive speed updates in the last few months, and were updating portions of their index much more rapidly than they’ve ever done before, but I’d not had a first hand experience of it myself until just now. Person makes thread on talking about Starbucks’ new…

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Cool Typography-Based Poster Art

Was sent this by my internet mate Posh Rick who has no internet website so I sadly can’t turn his name into a link. It’s basically just a series of 60 typography-based posters which are pretty cool, and there’s not much more to be said. Clicky Click.

RIP In Peace, GeoCities

So Yahoo closed GeoCities yesterday, and an era of the web came to an end. A pretty poor era full of shit animated gifs and midi files, sure, but an important one nonetheless. The LA Times has a good write up on it, which is fortunate because I’m lazy. Randall Munroe is rather less lazy,…

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WordPress 2.7

So WordPress 2.7 has been out and about for a week or so now, and I’m quite frankly literally mildly slightly marginally surprised it hasn’t been called WordPress 3 for all the things it’s changed – a lot of things! OK, so said things are confined to the back end, I don’t think there’s any…

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