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David On Demand – Your Own Internet Slave

There is a guy walking around Cannes, right now*, with a webcam strapped to his head, letting everyone on the internet instruct him what to do via Twitter. Sounds fun; is fun. Hearing a guy say “Steve Griffiths I’m standing in this fountain just for you” as he stands in a fountain, mere moments after…

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When Is An Owl Not An Owl?

When it’s a Transformer. Keep watching…

Iceland Volcano – Time Lapse Video

This is just staggeringly sweet. The embedded version isn’t in HD, so click the links below the video to see it on Vimeo directly, in all its glory. Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull – May 1st and 2nd, 2010 from Sean Stiegemeier As a side-note, Vimeo is full of awesome video things like this. If Youtube is the…

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Ian Huntley Gets His Own Jacuzzi And A Gym In Jail

… it’s absolutely true because I read it in the Daily Mail. From the always excellent Dan and Dan (several months ago but I forgot about it).


Cool Typography-Based Poster Art

Was sent this by my internet mate Posh Rick who has no internet website so I sadly can’t turn his name into a link. It’s basically just a series of 60 typography-based posters which are pretty cool, and there’s not much more to be said. Clicky Click.


Company Of Myself

Whilst reading EDGE just now I discovered this little gem, called Company Of Myself. It’s very short, very clever, and very beautiful in its genius. One room is guaranteed to frustrate you to oblivion, but stick with it. The ending: well strange.

Super Stacker 2

Latest annoying/addictive flash game I’ve happened across is this little physics-based stacking thing. You get given a sequence of blocks, and have to drop them in order and make a stack with none falling off the bottom. Note that when you first go to the site there’s some ad that’s meant to appear, although it…

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m00t: Online Anonymity

A nice video of m00t speaking about 4chan and anonymity online. If you know who this is, it’s worth watching, if you don’t, it… probably still is. The guy’s part of internet history.


Music Production Made Easy

Quite some time ago this simple tune making app appeared on the iPhone. I had a play with it, and it was pretty rad. Just now I found a browser version, done in Flash, and it too: pretty rad. Andre Michelle’s Tone Matrix The sweet thing with this one is you can copy and paste…

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Wake Up To 4 8 15 16 23 42

Haven’t you always wanted to wake up and enter a bizarre sequence of numbers into a little computer to avert the destruction of the world? I have, and regularly do, and now you can too with this thing: Lost alarm clock! Video: watch. Available from Thinkgeek!

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