Meticulously Obscure

For The Record, I Did Not Force You To Look At This :)

But y’know, a couple cats requested it, so… And just for Cathy: progress pic!

Fun With Keywords – Jan 2013

Browsing the things people searched for in order to land on your own site is always a fun thing to do, especially if you really enjoy doing things that are boring as all hell. Sometimes, though, you discover some fun* things people found you under. Such As These 5 people came from “i’ll kill your…

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2011 – New Year’s Resolutions

1280 x 1024!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha DYSWIDT?!?!?!!?1 etc But no, really. I don’t “do” New Years Retributions because they’re generally done in mawkish ways by mawkish sorts and abandoned inside of January… and why only decide to reboot yourself once per year? Stop being mawkish. What’s in a name anyway? A new year’s just another day; why…

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Summer Is Coming!

Obviously, it’s a while away yet, but, check this out: yesterday, 21st December, was officially the shortest day of the year. We’re through the deepest point of the trough and the curve only climbs upwards from here on out! Days are getting longer! Summer is coming! This may well be the lamest post I’ve ever…

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Forza 3 Video Editing: Part 1

So the built in ‘record video’ function can only do clips of up to 30 seconds in length, from one camera angle at a time, and takes an age to do it, which is bloody weird considering it does the same exact function in real-time while you’re playing. You then can’t access them directly via…

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Forza 3: Pretty Damn Stonking

Remember the first time you played Mario 64, and it just felt so perfect, and so finely tuned, that it just couldn’t do anything wrong? That’s about how good I’m saying Forza 3 is. If you want to read more gushing, there’s some after the photo. That’s my E36 M3 right there. It feels exactly…

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A Bunch Of Metal From 1992 Just Made My Year

Easily worth the 25 min delay to turn around and get the photo.


If Cleaning Is Therapeutic…

… then I must have a lot of issues.


OhShitOhShitOhShit Forza 3 Is Coming!

Excitement: enormous! See here: E3 video of the announcement from Turn 10. It looks: amazing. And yes E3 was a while ago, and I am stupidly late with this. Blame… me 🙁

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