Meticulously Obscure


Light Tent

Got to reading a tutorial on how to build a light tent, and decided to give it a go. Locating a box was easy, as was hunting down some ‘bristol board’ to make the inside all white, as was cutting it all together. Sourcing lights was harder, as no readily available desk-sized lamp would take…

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Glass Photography

So I read this tutorial for taking photographs of ‘stuff’, specifically the glass section, and decided to give it a go. Not having any sort of proper lightbox, but wanting to keep to a single light source for the best look, I wound up wedging my trusty maglite through some junkmail and resting the contraption…

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Macro Fantastico

So today I picked up my shiny new 60mm f2.8 macro lens. I proceeded to spend about 3 hours taking photos of shit. You can see the results by clicking the below image. Internet!

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Two nights out in the snow with the camera, so far, with varying results. Not sure yet why full auto mode gives nice white pictures and Av/Tv modes yellow-hued ones, but I’ll figure it out. Maybe.


Firework Photography: Needs A Tripod :(

180 photographs taken. 20 of them turned out to be just clear enough to warrant posting. Only just, mind. Annoyance 🙁 Tripod: mandatory for this sort of thing, it seems. Also, some of the shots weren’t too bad.

Ships Galore

So a trip to Portsmouth was had to see HMS Victory, which some few-hundred years after its creation is still the official flagship of the Royal Navy. Cor blimey! There were more impressive things than Victory on display, as it turned out, but still. A pretty good day out, gallery of ships (including some average…

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The Day The World (Office) Stood (Played) Still (Sega Rally 2 (All Day))

Today was a pretty fly day. You can tell exactly how fly by clicking on the above photo and looking at the other photos, with your eyes. Fucking cool right?! Mostly the day was about defining a couple of challenges (Desert track using the Scooby on the left hand machine, or Mountain in the Stratos…

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Oh Noes More Self-Absorbed Internets Bullshit

So I’ve finally discovered (via Joe) a decent gallery application and can now upload my shit photos to somewhere a bit better than chuffing facebook, which resizes things far too small for decent viewing of proper photos, but with this it’s up to me how big to make stuff. As with wordpress it’s a hella…

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Chicago: A Model City

So I got bored about 15 minutes ago and decided to make a model of Chicago using some photos I took on a trip there 4 years ago as inspiration. Oh noes it was just a trick of photardshop!!!


Wide Angle Lens Action

Below: four photos taken with my new wide angle lens for the 450D. Exciting! Sadly, whilst taking these I have noticed a ‘hot pixel’ on the camera, but I have actually seen them before on it in low light so we’ll wait until proper daytime shots can be taken before swearing and panicking, overly.

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