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Trust The Fucking Welsh

In news which would, hopefully, make most people promptly quote John McEnroe circa 1981, an entire family in sunny Wales have decided that a bunch of smeared Marmite on the underside of the lid off a jar of Marmite is actually Jesus’ face. I just… I… Where do you even start with shit like this?…

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Do Not Pay For Music

The vast majority of the profits only go towards keeping fucktards like this in positions of authority.


How’s About No, Diskeeper

This is pretty interesting. Two former high-level employees at Diskeeper have claimed they were fired for not wanting to participate in forced Scientology training. Diskeeper’s CEO is known to be a Scientologist and they say that he forced Scientology training procedures on all employees. Pretty fucking crazy! Boycott Diskeeper, much? Discovered via /., where there’s…

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Rapebook: As Bad As The Daily Mail

So, some dumb schmuck on rapebook (or facebook, as it’s less commonly known) got wind, via some incorrect write up, of a story about an ‘artist’ named Guillermo Vargas in Costa Rica, who according to their version of the story, used some kids to capture a dog off the streets, strung it up in his…

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End Of World Postponed For 2 Months

Sad news breaks (two days ago) that the LHC has suffered some problems and it’s going to delay the start by 2 months 🙁 Anyway, their webcams are still live, and while not much happens, they’re worth taking a gander at.

£150,000 per week

So very, very wrong (and yes I know that’s only The Mirror, but I did just hear this on the slightly more authoritative radio 1 news too).

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

Well, in a couple months anyway, but the start of the end of the world is almost here. The Large Hadron Collider at CERN gets turned on at midnight tonight (countdown site currently down, annoyingly), and it’s all a little bit exciting. Will it prove the existence of the Higgs boson, will it create a…

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