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"For fucks sake, people" - Cameron

April Fools’ Day 2012 Cancelled

“You people just cannot be trusted” – Cameron UK Prime Minister David Cameron called an emergency press conference at 8am this morning, to announce that the usual 1st April tradition of April Fools’ Day would be cancelled this year for the general public’s safety, in light of the recent petrol panic-buying trauma. “It is with…

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In The Future, There Will Be Only Garages

This morning I discovered, whilst laying in bed listening to Rob Da Bank on Radio1, a term for a genre of music which has probably been around for ages (especially given that it seems to encapsulate Burial in some way): future garage. It’s like, garage, man, but it’s in the future! Or, the present, as…

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Facebook’s “Most Recent” – New Method

Seems Facebook have removed (or, given the distributed nature of their codebase, are in the process of removing) the “sk=top” kludge that powered my old script. So, if that’s stopped working for you, here’s the replacement method. It’s been replaced with a new command, so here’s a new script to default the logo and home…

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Beach Of The Dead 2011 – Highlights

Yesterday, several zombies arose in Brighton and done a walk all the way from somewhere to somewhere else. According to an official count from the main organiser there were around 4,000 of the blighters! 3,500 started out, with around another 500 latecomers (well, they are zombies after all) joining in as they went, and I…

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Q: When’s An f/1.8 Not An f/1.8?

A: When You Give A Shit About Sharpness I’d heard from people before that lenses were not always sharpest at their widest aperture settings, but never really sat down and checked it out. Reading an “e-book” about street photography just now and seeing the topic brought up again however, made me decide to check it…

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Get Facebook’s “Most Recent” Sort Option Back

Script Updated! Now At v1.1, See Bottom Of Post For Details, But If It’s Your First Time Here, Keep Reading… Thanks to my mate Rob Warwood, who gave me the idea of trying this, and thanks to my splendid coding skills, if you’re using Firefox (which, y’know, you kinda should be) you can return Facebook…

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Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Android, Internet Exploder – Spot The Odd One Out

The Clue’s In The Question Decided today that my trusty grey-and-orange blog-face needed a bit of a makeover, found this rather lovely minimal theme, and after a touch of tweaking, I’m quite liking it. Everything’s nice and clear and tidy (except for that opening sentence, but ho hum). Internet Exploder has other ideas, of course!…

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Facebook, It’s Time I Killed Your Little Cat

I’ve been “reliably” informed by a buddy of mine that there is an actual process to get things a little more back to normal on ye olde Facebook News Feed. I’m in the process of trying it, so can’t verify, but thought I’d post it up anyway, because of stuff. Go to Account Settings, then…

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Facebook, It’s Time We Had A Little Chat

You see, I have just arrived home to discover the latest changes to what you think I want to see in my news feed, Facebook. As is probably implied by the fact I’ve written a blog post entitled as this is, I’m not exactly enamoured with the changes. The core problem is basically this: Your…

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The Most Useless App Ever

OR – A Mildly Clever Little Bit Of Marketing Let’s say you’re an Android app developer, you’ve written a few little things, and you want to get some traffic to them. How would you go about it? Well, if your name’s Chris Economou you do it by creating an app with an interesting name, leave…

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