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These Days, Sir Alan’s Worth More Than £8

Utter genius. Thanks, Cassetteboy.

Retardid Policeman

This is so wrong but too hilarious

Jones BIG ASS Truck Rental & Storage

John Looked On The Ground And Found WEPON!

So some guy with bad English writes some rubbish Half Life fan-fiction and this chantard turns it into the above…

I Swear This Is Not My Doing

Despite it being one of my favourite catchphrases.

Who You Gonna Call?

The full version of this advert is: awesome. For your convenience, you can find it: below.

Come Back The Hoff, All Is Forgiven

It’s possibly a bit clichéd to like The Hoff still, even ironically, and probably quite clichéd to dislike him too,…


# Once there was the sailors, of the Soviet, and one day they decided that they want some nice pet;…

Spider For Sale – $233.95

By now this is officially classed as old news, what with having happened almost 2 months ago, so on the…


Do you see? Origami… Amazing… Origamazing! Whatever. This guy has some pretty profound origami ‘mad skillz’. It’s worth watching through…

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