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Workin’ 9-5, What A Way To Make A Livin’

Quoth The Internet’s Benneth: Oh yeah, I forgot you basically work in a creche for 25 year olds That is…

Where Indeed…

You know how when you put bread in a toaster and you get toast back… where does the bread go?

You Just Can’t Trust Anyone On The Internet

You Just Can’t Trust Anyone On The Internet Courtesy of Shane Symington

It’s Just A Ride

Do we really need any other thoughts?

If We Don’t Have The Money We Can’t Have It

You have to have the money in your hand before you actually get something now, we’ve moved onto the stage…

Tinfoil Hat Time

Criticising the government is not illegal, but on investigation often turns out to be linked to other offences… ¬_¬

Be At One With Your Roots

Personal development and progress can only be built upon a sound foundation, and understanding one’s roots is the most vital…

Never Drink Alcohol

That’s the only thought I’m having today. If you don’t like it, I believe you can eat a bag of…

Don’t Stop, Never Give Up

Don’t stop; never give up! Live this mantra every day. When the world gets too tough, hold your head high,…

Thoughts For The Day(s)

No, I haven’t gone mad, merely entered parody mode. I nofollow’d that link: that’ll learn him!!!

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