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Day 2 – NWA Had The Right Idea

As in, “Fuck, fuck, fuck the po-lice”. 88 in a 50, sir? On the spot 90 euro fine and probably points to boot, although, the swines did comment on how nice my car was, and I ingeniously utilised babelfish via the laptop and 3G to get over the fact that neither me nor the gen d’arme spoke each others language. Go technology! Oh, and they were strapped, the crazy fuckers.

Baise, baise, baise le gen d’arme!

Steve • 19th June 2008

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  1. Sven 19th June 2008 - 15:57

    You got stopped, already? It’s only day 2!


  2. Sven 19th June 2008 - 15:59

    And don’t get bablfish out you j’idiot! Play the dumb brit, you’d have gotten away with it….Or arrested.

  3. Squeek 19th June 2008 - 16:42

    HAHAHAHAHA day 2!! awesome! so i take it you didn’t stay for breakfast? 😉

  4. Matt 19th June 2008 - 17:02

    You monk. I hear they confiscate Bikes in France/Belgium or somewhere, dunno about cars, 88 miles an hour! I hope you’ve got a fines fund as I think you’ll be using it extensively.

  5. Steve 19th June 2008 - 20:58

    88 kmh jidiot, this is metric euroland remember!

    And yeah I know pretty retarded, was too busy messing around withe the laptop to notice them (lie)

    Also I forgot to make a Back To The Future reference, what with it being EIGHTY-EIGHT MILES (KILOMETERS) PER HOUR and everything

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