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Tell Me I’m Wrong For This

So picture the scene. You’re in a club, at the bar, and conscious of the fact that the guy to your right has been stood there longer than you. The barmaid serving the people in your vicinity fucks off for some reason. After several minutes one of the others comes over and looks at you. So you motion to the guy next to you, showing some common courtesy as the motherfucker’s been waiting longer than you. And then the whorish barmaid utters something about ‘nobody tells me who to serve’ and after soting out the guy next to you fucks off again and ignores you.

I mean WAT?!??!

Dumb whore.

Steve • 17th August 2008

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  1. Mr. Jerky 17th August 2008 - 10:51

    What a bitch!

  2. Mr. Beardo 20th August 2008 - 17:14

    Oh man, that sounds like one of my supervsors, who is now leaving probably because I wouldn’t budge and actually blew up in her crazy bitch face.

    I was actually going to say whore too, but she’s gay, and looks like she wouldn’t even qualify as on even by pre-NVQ standards

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