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Come Back The Hoff, All Is Forgiven

It’s possibly a bit clichéd to like The Hoff still, even ironically, and probably quite clichéd to dislike him too, so it’s a bit of a lose/lose situation whichever side you fall on. But! I call for an amnesty on all issues The Hoff. You see, Greek The Hoff is really something super retarded, and highlights that there’s really nothing trashy and camp about The The Hoff (relatively!). Skip the first 50 secs of this clip as it’s some guy’s VCR, but then witness the terrible music, terrible band, terrible flying KITT, and even more terrible comedy foreign accent he talks in. Zut alors!

Apparently there’s an episode where a dude is attacked by cats O_o

Steve • 24th February 2009

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