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Google: The Criminal’s Friend

I was moseying around those “internets” things today, as one does, when I happened across the following little “motivational”, as they are known:

A kid pointing a gun at another kid! “Pretty amusing shocking”, I thought, and decided to check if it was actually real. Slapping the address into Google Maps and dropping down to Street View we find…

A-ha, looking pretty real! There’s the kid holding the “heat”, stood out in the road, and there’s the smaller one next to him, on the “sidewalk”. Ok so we click to the next step along and…

Hrm. We’ve jumped a step! The image in between, where the gun’s being pointed, has vanished!

Check it out for yourself.

What can we learn from this?

Clearly, there’s only one conclusion to be drawn. Google are trying to protect this young man by hiding the evidence of his crimes. They must have contacted him, come to an arrangement, and removed the photograph.

Quite why Google want to encourage gun crime I’m not sure, but what with this and their recent WiFi harvesting scandal, there’s clearly something big going on…


Steve • 3rd June 2010

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  1. Rob W 3rd June 2010 - 23:01

  2. Steve 3rd June 2010 - 23:03

    Oh boy…

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