Meticulously Obscure

In The Future, There Will Be Only Garages

This morning I discovered, whilst laying in bed listening to Rob Da Bank on Radio1, a term for a genre of music which has probably been around for ages (especially given that it seems to encapsulate Burial in some way): future garage. It’s like, garage, man, but it’s in the future! Or, the present, as…

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The Most Useless App Ever

OR – A Mildly Clever Little Bit Of Marketing Let’s say you’re an Android app developer, you’ve written a few little things, and you want to get some traffic to them. How would you go about it? Well, if your name’s Chris Economou you do it by creating an app with an interesting name, leave…

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This Is How Fast Google Is Now

So I knew Google had rolled out some pretty impressive speed updates in the last few months, and were updating portions of their index much more rapidly than they’ve ever done before, but I’d not had a first hand experience of it myself until just now. Person makes thread on talking about Starbucks’ new…

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The XX versus… DMX?!

With quite some scepticism I clicked the link to the video entitled The XX Gon’ Give It To Ya (DMX Vs. The XX). Not being, generally, a fan of “mash” “ups”, and with these two being so contrasting, how could this ever work? Well, this is how. If you like it as much as I…

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Printable Clouds

Now that’s a pretty cool toy. Found on Gizmodo.

Animator Vs Animation

The title is description enough, this is too good for words. Clickston. Discovered via a Tweet from Stephen Fry.


iPhone 4. I Need An iPhone 4.

Found on

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

Global warming. Maybe it’s happening, maybe we’re the prime cause of it, maybe it’ll eventually lead to some species facing extinction. Nuclear weapons. Let’s imagine their proliferation, that more nations/factions seek access to them, and the possibility they’ll be used again, making large swathes of our planet uninhabitable for a very long time. Overpopulation. The…

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Y, R & U Are Letters

Found this the other day; the RAGE amuses me greatly. I know I can be a bit of a Grammar Nazi at times but this takes it to hilarious new heights.

You Know You’re A Nerd When…

… you find the following short story amusing. They’re Made Out Of Meat I find it: pretty hilarious, in a wry smiley sort of way. Recognise.

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