Global warming. Maybe it’s happening, maybe we’re the prime cause of it, maybe it’ll eventually lead to some species facing extinction.

Nuclear weapons. Let’s imagine their proliferation, that more nations/factions seek access to them, and the possibility they’ll be used again, making large swathes of our planet uninhabitable for a very long time.

Overpopulation. The fact that we continue to spread over the Earth, destroying the natural habitat of any lesser beings that happened to be there before us.

Waste produce. Regardless of global warming being man-made or not, a large volume of pollutants do make their way into the environment and do royally fuck things up in certain parts of the world.

These problems and more, how do we solve them?

How do we stop ourselves from ruining the planet?

According to The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement we do it by not having kids so the human race goes extinct and life on this planet can carry on unimpeded by our viral, self-destructive ways.

Are they serious? Yes.

Are they quite mad? I reckon. Maybe quite noble too… but also quite, quite mad.

It’s an interesting standpoint to take, at any rate.