Meticulously Obscure

dot:radio Pilot

So, tonight at 7pm I’m “broadcasting” some “musics” over the “internets” via that SHOUTcast link down the bottom left of this blogstain. Tune in, guy!


Tell Me I’m Wrong For This

So picture the scene. You’re in a club, at the bar, and conscious of the fact that the guy to your right has been stood there longer than you. The barmaid serving the people in your vicinity fucks off for some reason. After several minutes one of the others comes over and looks at you….

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How Funky Is This v2.0

Integration with shoutcast for a stream I might be ‘going on’ very soon added down the bottom left. Yeah! Also it’s now half 8, I’m supposed to be going out for 9, and I only got out of bed at 1:30. Achievements today have been strictly limited to: Adding more useless shit to this stupid…

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How Funky Is This

Also, how sad is it that I think it’s funky: New archive overview page which displays a hella snazzy listing of all posts ordered by date and grouped by month, with (if you’re using a non-shit browser like firefox 3) clever little javascript rolldowns too. See: funky. It’s even somehow managed to grab images to…

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You Suck At Photardshop

It’s true, you do, you fucking queef. Now go and start lernin2shoop before it’s too late. There’s 12 videos in the series, and they are pertty amusing. Excellently he’s added them in reverse order as responses to each other, or something, so you can start at #1 linked above and just click the ‘is a…

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Cat Found

Yesterday, an awesome prank was played. It went something like this: Locate image of something that’s explicitly not a cat, in this instance a badger Create a word document entitled ‘Cat Found’ and insert image therein Append extra description of the ‘cat’ you have found Stick the victims mobile number at the bottom ‘if he…

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Thanks For That, Heathrow, You Fucking Guy!

Because, firstly, if you hadn’t instructed me to remember where I’d parked I would totally not have realised that that was a fundamental part of a successful ‘park’, and secondly, now that you’ve explicitly stated that it’s part of the process there’s no way I can forget. Sign: mission accomplished! Gnnhh.


Cake Flushing with Nick Frost

Fuck particle accelerators, this shit is what you need in your life. Those are 3 different links make sure you watch them all, in order, guy.

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

Well, in a couple months anyway, but the start of the end of the world is almost here. The Large Hadron Collider at CERN gets turned on at midnight tonight (countdown site currently down, annoyingly), and it’s all a little bit exciting. Will it prove the existence of the Higgs boson, will it create a…

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Internet Reprobates

I need somewhere to host a couple images from my weekend meetup with my old counter strike/nerdcraft people, so here’s a post. With images. Lots of alcohol was had, lots of amusement was had, a thoroughly ace night out! Seeing everyone again, and meeting the guys I didn’t even know existed for that matter, was…

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