First off these are all over a year and a half old, so another medal to me for being right on the pulse of internets happenings. Yeah! Now watch this:

Wow, a mobile phone being used to turn a regular ethernet port into a wireless router, that’s pretty amazing. Almost as amazing as being able to open your car from miles away by piggybacking the signal from your keyfob over a mobile phone connection.

Or you could watch this one:

The comments section of which is full of people who’ve tried it.

Thing is, as I’d hope would be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain and even tiny amount of cynicism, these are not true. No, you can’t use a mobile to extend your wifi, access TV via gmail, or piggyback a car’s keyfob over a mobile phone signal either, for that matter.

They are very well done though, produced in a 1980s Channel 4 For Schools sort of way, and the guy doing the tutorials is superb. They’ve gotta be the benchmark for trapping gullible people for your own amusement, a.k.a. trolling. The best parts of course are peoples reactions, and a couple fine examples are this guy buying into a system for speeding up snail mail delivery, and these haughty types being all haughty about the whole thing.