Meticulously Obscure


What It Did

O hi!

I’m driving around Europe because of some, or all, of these things: reasons:

  • Might be a bit fun
  • Take lots of photos of stuff, like scenery, and my sure to be fly-covered car amongst said scenery
  • Driving is good, especially in France
  • There’s a big music event in France on 21st which sounded funky (thanks Abhi!)
  • Oh god I can’t beleive I just shouted someone out, what’s le monde coming to?
  • The alpine Stelvio Pass should be awesome for both Driving and Photographing aspects
  • Chance to kill myself on the Nurburgring
  • Blah blah blah

… and decided just now that writing about it on the internets might be a smrat idea. Also setting this stupid blogface up has delayed packing. Win + win.

I only have a terrible mobile 3G card with me so updates may have to wait for wifi at hotels, which with my language skills (approximately: rubbish) may be tricky to enquire about.

Still, eh?

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