Meticulously Obscure


What It Take

A trip like this takes some serious equipment.

… Or, y’know, it actually doesn’t, but that was definitely a good sounding intro until this bit turned up and ruined it. Either way, this a list of things:

  • M3 Cabriolet + iPod
  • Canon 450D SLR + 10GB storage + fancy tripod
  • Vista Basic (ya rly) laptop + 3G card + wifi (thanks Chris!)
  • Oh god not again…
  • Tent for emergency backup
  • DS for quiet times
  • French, Italian & German language books for night time reading
  • French guide book about the country and people in general (<3 Sarah)
  • Far too many clothes

… and if you found that interesting you need to get out more, SRS BSNS

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