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It’s Still Kinda Hard To Believe He’s Gone

From only two days earlier.

Blag: No Longer Unbearably Slow

In minor-but-quite-excellent news, I’ve moved the blag (and all associated bamf) to a new host, namely Vidahost, who if memory…


So, in “oh fuck I’m actually posting about Me and not about Something Amusing”-style news, I’ve decided Twitter might be…


That is all.

Oh, Taxi In California, Why Would You Say Such A Thing?

Taken by Sven

Adventures In An Internet-less World

So, due to Bulldog/Pipex/Tiscali being utterly useless, I have been cut off and have had no real internets since the…

Syma S-001 Indoor Helicopter, Sir?

Cor blimey, what’s going on here? This looks suspiciously like a Sven-style gadget review! Have I managed to put as…

MD Christmas Music

You’ll know what this is if you know what this is. Linky

Fresh Kicks

This Will End In Disappointment

So the plan is to be able to play some musics and jack it into the PC for proper control…

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