So, due to Bulldog/Pipex/Tiscali being utterly useless, I have been cut off and have had no real internets since the 16th. New phone line won’t be connected ’til Jan 2nd (costing £122.33 too ) and internets about a week later, at best, so until then I’m on a crappy Vodafone 3G mobile USB card thingy. Which means pings too low to game, port blocking so no p2p, image compression on web browsing making everything look nails, and random disconnections. Woohoo!

Anyway as a result of this, I’ve been doing things unrelated to internets. For example, this morning I arranged a new contents insurance policy! For a second example, just now I cleaned and polished my leather sofa, for the first time in the two years I’ve owned it! Apparently you’re supposed to do it every three months, but screw that, it’s too busy being sat on.

For my next trick, I might even go to the shops!!!