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Mordeth13 is The World’s First Motorbiker Vlogger, and he’s been doing it for ages, and Steve really badly wants to be him. That or have his babies, I don’t think he’s too fussed. Either way, this is the venerable Mr Deth13 doing a hilarious video about bikers waving to each other, which saves its true amusement until nearly 4 and a half minutes in.

Bikers waving at each other is a curious practice which never ceases to amuse me, as Steve will attest with me laughing every time he does it whilst I’m riding pillion. As a sidenote, according to one needs to be female to be a passenger on a bike;

pil-lion [pil-yuhn]
a pad or cushion attached behind a saddle, esp. as a seat for a woman

Anyway, where was I. Ah yes, bikers waving to each other are all freaks 🙂

I post this as Mr Deth13 was stopping over with Steve lately, and I got to meet him, and witness The Rave Biker first hand. He’s this: a decent chap!

Steve • 28th August 2008

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  1. Matt 28th August 2008 - 21:56

    Is it that you just wish that someone would wave at you instead of swearing at you? I’d say something about BMW drivers and so forth but can’t be arsed, make something up that’s mildly insulting please.


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