It’s hard to keep track, with all the running around, and globetrotting, and that.

So now I’m in Adenau, at the tinniest hotel in the world, which happens to have a free-to-use PC tucked away in the corner. Not even the mad posh Bordeaux jobber had free PCs, pfft. So that’s pretty cool. German keyboards are also less messed up than French ones, which is a nice surprise (of sorts).

Finding the hotel was a nightmare, the drive up from Stelvio less so, just long. Depart at 9am, arrive at 4:30pm; Not so bad, as there was plenty to keep one entertained (such as, nodding at other drivers and getting waves back (less arrogance than italy, over here), driving fast, being bemused by the 6 or more roadworks on the way, and checking every numberplate for brits – two spotted, one got a salute, the other didn’t, though I was too busy driving fast to notice if the be-saluted driver noticed).

Also there’s so much to write about, especially Stelvio, and I have no time, so fuck it.