Or have we not yet plumbed fully the depths of retardation possible in modern society? See here: a woman facing potentially 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine for deleting her ‘online husband’s character in 2D RPG-me-do Maple Story (kind of like WoW’s retarded cousin (a very uneducated guess (like you (I) care))).

Delete someone's character and get 404'd from life for 5 years! Justice!

Artist's impression of the event

Having a penalty of 5 years in chokey for what she’s being charged with, ‘illegally accessing a computer and manipulating data’ according to the BBC, is all well and good if you’re in a criminal case dealing with a hacker on steroids who’s just broken into the systems of the CIA or FBI or MI5 or Primark and stolen a bunch of state secrets or wad of cash. But using the same offence to punish a petty, civil situation such as this, is absurd! Fuck you very much, old generation, you know nothing about anything.

Here’s to 30 years time when people who actually use the internet (and no, that doesn’t include emailing your mom or using facebook, love) start to decide how it works, and set out some proper rules for what happens when people cry about it.

In the meantime we can all look forward to going to jail for petty bullshit. Hoorah!