It’s been a long held (and not even slightly ironic) position of mine that Demolition Man is not just the greatest film ever made, but also a glimpse into our future. Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming president of the USA, fast food joints having a big war, sewers that smell like biscuits and gravy, and getting to bone Sandra Bullock; It painted a very rosy picture of the future, and one that was all too easy to buy into.

Due to inherent lazy, I’ve not kept track of our progress towards this prophesised utopia, instead just maintaining that ‘it will happen!!1’, but it seems someone out there on the internets has actually kept track of all the prophecies, marking them off when they become true. Now, reviewing the list, only one has so far actually happened, but in the fine tradition of religions everywhere I’m going to ignore this factlet and adhere to my original statement that Demolition Man is showing us the way.

Helpfully, the guy doing the website hasn’t dated any of the updates, so there’s no way to know if he’s even updated it in years… so perhaps more things have come true! In fact, just because there’s a possibility that they have, I’m going to state that they have – Demolition Man continues to accurately predict not just the present… but the future. WoooOOOoooOOooo (spooky ghost noise)

Mmm, biscuits and gravy.