Remember the first time you played Mario 64, and it just felt so perfect, and so finely tuned, that it just couldn’t do anything wrong? That’s about how good I’m saying Forza 3 is. If you want to read more gushing, there’s some after the photo.

Can't beat a bit of M3 sideways action

That’s my E36 M3 right there. It feels exactly how I expect an E36 M3 to feel. Now, obviously, it’s rather Daily Mail-esque to claim a car in a game feels like one I’ve never actually driven, but I’ve thrown my own E46 around enough to know the general M3 characteristics and this feels pretty close to that, K? K.

There he is again! Still sliding, like some form of maniac

The new physics model really is amazing. It felt good with the RSR in the demo, felt good with the lower-end FWD cars this morning, but with a proper bit of rear-wheel-drive-saloon-grunt it really shines. You can fling this thing around like nobody’s business and it always remains under control, and that’s without the stability and traction control driving aids, thanks (as aids go, they are very definitely bad aids). It makes me wonder how Forza 2’s physics every really sufficed.

What is it with these cars and sliding about all over the place? Cuhh!

Visually it is really rather good. I’ve noticed a couple of shadow glitches but these are stupidly minor and overall it’s very very good. Always hard to tell when your telly’s only running at 1024×768 mind, but, does look very impressive. The photo mode seems to be about the same as last time, but with the enhanced models it looks better of course, and they seem to have improved the jpg compression which always made Forza 2’s photos look bunk. I can’t remember if 2 had a movie mode, I don’t think it did anyway, but 3 does and it’s pretty cool, as demonstrated below, by a shit movie clip what I made.

Now, I’d rather be playing it than writing about it so: cheerio.

Conclusion: it’s bloody ace.