So long, and thanks for all the skullsSo Yahoo closed GeoCities yesterday, and an era of the web came to an end. A pretty poor era full of shit animated gifs and midi files, sure, but an important one nonetheless. The LA Times has a good write up on it, which is fortunate because I’m lazy.

Randall Munroe is rather less lazy, and decorated up his site in a manner befitting of GeoCities to honour its passing. It’s back to normal now, but luckily I saved a screenie of it, located approximately just there —>

I guess the people who GeoCities catered for are all mostly to be found on MySpace and Bebo and suchlike these days, still with creations as ghastly as GeoCities’ ever were, but somehow a degree less charming. Or maybe animated skulls and spinning @ signs and under construction gifs on every page and repeated brick patterned backgrounds and table borders aren’t actually charming, and I’m just too old for all this.

Distinct possibility.