There is a guy walking around Cannes, right now*, with a webcam strapped to his head, letting everyone on the internet instruct him what to do via Twitter.

Sounds fun; is fun. Hearing a guy say “Steve Griffiths I’m standing in this fountain just for you” as he stands in a fountain, mere moments after you tweeted him “jump in the pool like a duck” is pretty damned amusing.

His website and twitter feed is here, or you can see just the stream right here.

To see just how seriously he’s taking it, see that tattoo on the left? Twitter told him to do it. He went to a tattoo parlour, sat down, and streamed himself getting Twitter’s Fail Whale (chosen by the people watching/tweeting him), along with the names of a couple of those tweeting, tattooed permanently onto his arm. For real-reals.

Pretty damned seriously, then.

Before you get too excited, he’s obviously not doing anything illegal, or too lewd, which is a shame, but let’s be realistic here.

More photos in his Facebook album here, and the live stream itself is here*.

Other amusing things people have had him do include:

  • Dance around in the street
  • Hug and kiss random people
  • Go up to someone at a restaurant and ask to try their meal
  • Jump in a fountain (hehe)
  • Spin around until he’s dizzy

And this was just the first afternoon. Check his shit out, it might be funny.

If you’ve made it this far, here’s the back story: his name’s David Perez, he works for an ad agency called Leo Burnett, he wanted to go to the Advertising Festival in Cannes, his boss said “Ok you can go but you have to wear a webcam and let Twitter tell you what to do”, he decided to do it, and he’s there doing it now*. Not quite sure why his boss wanted him to do it, but they’re an ad agency so who knows.

*That is, if you’re reading this between June 21st and 26th 2010, and if he’s awake of course. He’s in Cannes so that’s an hour ahead of UK time.

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