Had an idea today – how about shining a torch onto the back of my finger, and actually painting with my finger? Light shining through, maybe I’d be able to paint with fingerprints being visible!?

Well, my mini maglite torches weren’t bright enough to shine through my fingers strongly enough for that. So I just did these instead:

I did cheat though – sitting in front of the camera I wrote these the right way as I was looking, so had to flip them horizontally. Derp. Let’s get literal:

Talking of derp:

Also: shining a light into your own eyeball and trying to light paint with it by moving your head slowly in front of the camera: actually stupid. That shot didn’t work at all, and left me unable to see (exaggeration: fairly strong) out of my right eye for several minutes. Oh man!

Also! This is my 200th post. Yay, or something.