1280 x 1024!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha DYSWIDT?!?!?!!?1 etc

But no, really. I don’t “do” New Years Retributions because they’re generally done in mawkish ways by mawkish sorts and abandoned inside of January… and why only decide to reboot yourself once per year? Stop being mawkish. What’s in a name anyway? A new year’s just another day; why not resolve to better yourself on March 23rd?

So, with that said, let’s get mawkish!

1. Stop Using The Word “Mawkish”

Bah, if I must.

2. Be More Hydrated

Dihydrogen monoxide is serious business. Yes, we’ve entered the realm of 100% E/N Bullshit, so you can safely stop reading.

3. Gym-Me-Do

As started in the latter portions of twenty-ten, one must continue ones dedication to gym whoring in a fashion that’d make Roy Castle go “Now that’s dedication”.

4. Maintain Photographic Endeavours

While my 365 project was a royal pain in the ass at times, I did rather love doing some of those “shoots”, so let’s continue to do so… if a tad less frequently.

5. Publish An Android App

I’m pretty much in awe of my new Desire HD and the possibilities of the “mobile space”, and want to get in on the action. The first obstacle is thinking of something to create…

6. Amusing Culmination

Come up with a witty ending for my shit “New Year’s Resolutions” post. I’ll leave this until last.