The Clue’s In The Question

Decided today that my trusty grey-and-orange blog-face needed a bit of a makeover, found this rather lovely minimal theme, and after a touch of tweaking, I’m quite liking it. Everything’s nice and clear and tidy (except for that opening sentence, but ho hum).

Internet Exploder has other ideas, of course!

Unlike all the other browsers listed up there, it’s decided that complying with internet standards is too much like giving a crap, and isn’t rendering the lovely text shadows on my title and headers, which, really, makes a world of difference to how tidy it looks. Stupid blasted Internet Exploder.

Or, maybe you won’t notice, as I’ve just spent over an hour making it work in IE

Over an hour. To recreate an effect every other browser out there, including the one on my phone, can do inherently.

This is the problem with Internet Exploder. We Firefoxians and so on who despise it so, do not do so to be trendy, or alternative, or underground, or anti-establishment, but because it’s a horrendous piece of shit which forces you to spend hours making stuff look the same as it does in every other browser straight out of the box.

The cost, in time spent doing crap like this, to the web development industry, is enormous.

And even then, it’s kludgey, and slow.

I’m so enraged by this, I’ve made an image to express my feelings, using a popular meme from Internets Land.