Take a sequence of visually arresting locations and some very pretty and interesting lighting setups, such as

So Pretty #1


So Pretty #2


So Pretty #3

Bring to the boil and add in a generous helping of Kristin Scott Thomas as an alluring fuck-up of a mother and give her some very strongly flavoured lines that are all lewd and sweary.

So Lewd #1

Season with a healthy dose of violence and just a soupçon of incest for a spicier taste.

Oh My!

Throw in loads of nice perspective shots with all corridors and that such as






so weirdo nerds like me all coo over it with all the geometric shapes for our simple brains to enjoy.

Then Just Shit In The Saucepan Because Hey I’m Sure Everyone Will Love Watching People Walking Really Slowly And Not Talking And Just Staring At Things And Each Other For 90% Of The Screen Time Won’t They

So many elements that would make for a great film, but then it’s just staring.

And walking slowly.

And more staring.

Oy vey.