Need For Speed is the worst film I’m seen since Horrible Bosses 2, and it loses even more points for reminding me that I once sat through Hobbirle Bosses 2.

Anyway in this film Breaking Bad Junior stars as a man who really really wants to launch a successful film career by watching Speed on DVD and picking up some acting tips from Keanu, but everywhere is sold out, and Blockbuster have gone bust so he can’t rent it, and he’s never heard of the internet, so he drives around real fast in a real silly car trying to find it, but he can’t. At one point he even overtakes a bus and has a little cry because although it’s *a* bus it’s not *the* bus from the film, and it’s a really deep, touching, meta moment. In the end he doesn’t manage to find Speed so he can’t watch it and his film career never gets off the ground without Keanu’s guiding light, oh my am I talking about the character or the actor I can’t tell.

It’s a real bad film, you should probably just watch Fast & Furious Five instead, oh wait Imogen Poots is in it 10/10.