In the strangest change of pace in a film sequel there’s ever been, Locke 2: Mad Max: Fury Road finds our Welsh construction manager on another road trip, only this time instead of making 75,000,000 phone calls whilst on the M40 to try and de-ruin his own life that he’s arbitrarily decided to ruin, he’s in a desert called Australia with a few preggers supermodels being chased by someone who’s not quite sure how to spell or pronounce the word “immortal” and his gang of several hundred of his children who are all albino acrobats with a deathwish and cans of silver spray paint. Oh Ivan, I bet you’re longing for the boring old motorway and a ruined marriage now, eh, you daft old boyo you, eh?!?! Locke also seems to have developed quite a bad sore throat so I’m not sure how he managed to lose his phone after the first film but it’s probably for the best. There’s no mention of whether his building from the first film got built or not either, nor any explanation as to how he wound up in a post apocalyptic desert when the last we saw of him was coming off the motorway, so 0/10 for continuity, film makers! Try harder next time!

Anyway it’s all very exciting and makes no sense whatsoever but manages to be pretty ace even if some of the effects are a bit foofy. I give it 4 out of 5 pregnant supermodels.