Self/Less is a sombre, subdued, quietly emotional 15 minute short, about an old man coming to terms with the looming end of his time as an alive human person man, and the start of his time as a dead human person man. It is real nice and I’d recommend doing a see of this short film.

Unfortunately if you forget to leave the cinema immediately there’s then a 34 hour long non-short tacked on to the same reel featuring a panic-stricken Ryan Reynolds playing a character named Panicky McGee, panicking about all sorts of kerfuffle and refusing to relay even the slightest bit of exposition on an even more panicked lady, who really must secretly enjoy feeling panicked in some form of bizarre masochistic way as she repeatedly gives up asking McGee for a clue as to what’s going on, at least fifteen million times. FIFTEEN MILLION that’s right.

If you simply must watch a film with a forward slash in its title RIGHT BLEEDIN’ NOW then don’t bother with this just go and get Face/Off instead as it is infinitely superior, on account of it being perfect, and this being bum. Literal bum.

I give it one of the / out of the URL