[Ahnold voice] Get down! Get to the choppa!
[translation] Absolutely do not bother going to see this in ScreenX, because the “extra bits” they project on the side of the cinema walls to fill your peripheral vision are just the edges of the regular flat frame stretched out, and it looks terrible in almost every single shot. There’s a tech demo of ScreenX before the film though, where the side projectors actually have separate projections of the tech demo scene, and *that* is motion-sickness-inducingly good, it’s seriously impressive when it’s done as well as the tech demo does it – so watch that then just walk out and demand a refund. The film itself is the same as the first – the human interest & mcguffin-chasing bits are terrible, the monsters fighting are *amazing*. Spoiler alert: Ken Watanabe doesn’t have anything like as cool as “Let them fight” to say this time around. Rate: I dunno, a beagle out of a german shepherd? Is that weird enough?